Millenium vs. Fnatic

Millenium Fnatic
Kills Turrets Gold Gold Turrets Kills
13 5 71.3K 87.7K 9 16
Top kev1n (Gragas) sOAZ (Renekton) Top
Jungler Araneae (Lee Sin) Cyanide (Vi) Jungler
Mid Kerp (Yasuo) xPeke (LeBlanc) Mid
AD Creaton (Lucian) Rekkles (Caitlyn) AD
Support Jree (Nami) YellOwStaR (Lulu) Support

Despite her name, Jinx seems to have been Rekkles’ good luck charm in this first week of LCS because without her, he was proven a mere mortal. Still, he was probably relieved that this game only cost him his deathless streak, and not Fnatic’s undefeated opening record.

Almost from the start, Millenium and Fnatic tried bold new strategies. LeBlanc made another underwhelming appearance, as xPeke tried his hand at making the champion work in an LCS setting. But it was Millenium who were pulling out all the stops to throw-off Fnatic, with kev1n playing a top lane Gragas alongside a Yasuo mid.

While Millenium got off to a rocky start as kev1n had trouble making a Drunken Rage-focused Gragas work against the combined efforts of Rekkles and YellOwStaR, their game plan started to mature in the mid game. Suddenly, Fnatic’s tower lead evaporated as Millenium forced them to trade kills again and again. Kev1n’s hangover-bound Gragas smashed Rekkles and YellOwStaR, putting an end to their run, and Millenium quickly evened-up the score on towers.

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